In perusing "enlightenment" forums, mostly on quora, the idea of shedding ego, or identity seems to be the underlying premise. Academia mostly mocks such notions of eastern philosophy as being neither philosophy nor religion. Interesting in light of your premise. What also comes to mind is the reprimand, "be a man" or the idea of a "real man". Google it and you get an earful. Clearly identity trumps biology when it comes to being a man, because clearly I am not a real man just because I have a penis. JKR's opinion is legitimate as an opinion, and not all trans are necessarily women, trans is an identity in and of itself, but some are "real" women. Some are born XXY, real women with penises or a very large clitoris. Binary definitions for people with legitimate biology deserve compassion and consideration for their gender identification or their sexual non distinction. JK needs more exposure to real people with real gender dysphoria, and perhaps you and I do as well. When we transcend identity, and perhaps sex, we become enlightened.

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